Analysis of government's political interference in strategic decisions and actions at Kenya co-operative creameries ltd (KCC ltd), between 1963 to 2003

This was a case study of the Kenya Cooperative Creameries Ltd (KCC). The study was About the analysis of the government's political interference in the strategic actions and decisions in milk processing industry. The objectives of the study were to determine the political processes that characterized management of strategic actions and decisions at KCC LTD 1960 to 2003 and to establish strategic changes introduced at KCC LTD during the said period. The researcher got information regarding the particulars from court cases, KCC publications, board minutes, newspaper cuttings and other relevant documents available in the University of Nairobi Library as well as hansard reports of parliament. Since this was a case study, the presentations of the findings were in qualitative form. From the findings, KCC has undergone a lot of turbulence, political interference and change. In conclusion, it is evident from the study that the government's political arm chose to use blackmail and financial muscle to determine the course of events, actions and decisions at KCC.